Key factors to consider before booking a perfect beach resort


A vacation at the beach is always fun with tons of activities to enjoy. You must always try to find out a beach resort that can help you get a taste of these activities and never compromise on the excitement of a good vacation. Before booking you must make a proper research and consider following factors:


The reviews of previous clients are one of the most important factors whether you visit a beach or any other area in the world. They would have mentioned all the pros and cons of the beach resort and this would make it easy for you to analyse the facilities provided at that place. Don’t just limit yourself to the rating and make sure that you are reading the comments as well. At the same time make sure that you are aware the time of the year mentioned in the review. You should also check the response of the hotel owners and see whether the hotel authorities respond with appropriate solutions. There are websites providing important reviews on resorts and you just need to click on the click here button to make the comparisons.


The location of the resort depends on the preference of the visitor. There are huge amount of vacationers who like to visit a resort that is situated in the beach front, if you are one of them then start looking in advance. If you have a particular area or major attractions in mind then you can book a resort that is situated close to them. The location is purely your choice and you need to book the beach resort according to the area that you prefer.


This is another major factor that comes to the mind of the vacationers. You will not spend whole day at the beach and you will surely comeback to rest in your room. While you are back at the resort you will surely be looking at the recreational activities present at the resort and the facilities provided. This includes outdoor pools, indoor pools, spa, on-site dining and much more. If you are travelling with your children then you should also start looking for resorts that have amenities for children that provides them a place to have fun, you can relax when children have fun at the children’s program in the resort.


Budget is also another aspect when you are booking a resort. The prices fluctuate depending on the time of the year and the type of room you book. Spring months tend to be the most expensive when you are visiting a beach. Explore all the resorts present in the area and you will surely get a cost effective resort with proper amenities.


Things to be kept in mind while selecting an all inclusive resort

all inclusive resort

All inclusive resorts are a worthy option for enjoying various activities at a cost effective pricing. There are various activities that you can enjoy in these resorts like tennis, water sports, dining, relaxation and much more.

Look for resorts providing multiple dining and restaurant options

Having multiple options to enjoy the food at different places improves your experience. You can enjoy different cuisines on different days and eat in different restaurants every other day. In an All inclusive resort you don’t need to wait for making bookings and you can take the advantage of la-carte restaurants.

Choosing a hotel that suits everyone’s preference

Whether you have young children with you or you are on a vacation with friends, all inclusive resorts provide various options to you. Fun activities are a must when you are on a vacation, you must make sure that you get a resort that can improve your experience. These resorts provide you various recreational options with sports activities, children’s programs and discos.

Book all the rooms at the same time

This is one of the most important things while booking a resort. This helps in staying together if you are traveling with a large group. It also sends a nice message to the hotel that you are bringing good business to them and they might provide you discounts. It is convenient for both the hotel and the visitor to respond to requests. Getting rooms in different floors and staying divided with your group can be really frustrating during vacations.

Stay flexible

Everyone has their own tastes and interests; this makes it even more important to book an all inclusive resort. At this resort you get food and activities that meet the tastes of all kinds of people. You don’t need to change your plans and instead of reuniting each second all the members can go for food and activities according to their preference. Groups of people will surely be going for these resorts as it can help in getting rid of various burden that comes with travelling.

Having fun at the resort

As mentioned above, it is important to go for resorts that can provide you a peaceful stay. Though the all-inclusive hotels provide good options for having fun but you should also investigate on the things that are available in the nearby places.

Top travel tips from an actual resort owner (3/3)

Alright, so today we’ll be rounding out our 3 part post on helpful travel tips!

  1. Use little bottles to store all your stuff. Simply because it takes up less room. Don’t need to bring 1L of shampoo (the same bottle you use at home, usually) on a 2 week trip. Also, you should be labelling what’s actually in the bottles. Applying conditioner on your face isn’t a great look.
  2. Get good walking shoes. Like sports shoes or cross trainers. Blisters aren’t fun. This is especially important if you’re going to be walking through lots of unfamiliar terrain.
  3. Get the locals to help you out. Very helpful if you travel to an English speaking country. Most likely, the best restaurants and beaches aren’t the popular ones you find online. Getting local guidance is still the best way to access those secret spots you never knew about.
  4. Know where the local embassy is. Find it on your map, note it down, write the address somewhere safe. You’ll never know.
  5. The local laws are so important to follow. Don’t get drunk on the streets of Turkey, don’t chew gum in Singapore and don’t cut down cactuses in Arizona (I’m not even kidding). You’re leaving your home country, and regardless of how ridiculous you think the local laws are, you have to respect them.
  6. Vaccinations are key. Get your flu jabs just in case. Yellow fever and dengue aren’t fun either.
  7. Learn how to use basic shit, like a compass. And chopsticks. Don’t be that dude who asks for fork and knives.
  8. Bring basic medication. I won’t lie, some local cuisine (I’m looking at you, Mexico) can be extremely harsh on the tummy). Panadol and Nurofen will definitely help.
  9. Figure out if it’s safe to drink the local tap water. In Australia, you can drink straight from the tap. Not in Indonesia. You’ll probably spend a lot of time on the toilet.
  10. Most importantly, be very respectful of the local culture. Foreign cultures might seem alien to you (and for good reason), but don’t act like an ass overseas. Learn basic mannerisms and rules before going (like not rubbing your wooden chopsticks together in Japan) and you’ll go a long way in gaining local respect.

Those are the top tips we have for you. Did we miss anything? Please let us know!

Top travel tips from an actual resort owner (2/3)


Welcome back to Part 2 of our top travel tips! In case you’re wondering, that’s the kind of view you can get if you visit our resort on Boracay.

  1. Learn how to pack light. You do NOT need 50 pounds of baggage for a week of travel. The less you have on you, the better. Think about this the next time you get stuck in an airport because your flight has been delayed.
  2. Work out how much taxis cost in advance. There ARE unscrupulous drivers who would take advantage of travellers. Make sure you get them to use the meter. Also, it would be helpful if you carry a map around, with the address of your hotel (or wherever you are staying) clearly marked so you can show them where to go.
  3. Speaking of maps, it’s best to have a hard copy of a map in the city you are in. Save your precious phone battery for when you really need it.
  4. Travel cards. There is nothing more annoying than spending time on the phone with your bank because you cannot access your fund.
  5. Bring tissues and hand sanitizers. Occasionally (and more often than not) you’re going to run into a really, really disgusting bathroom.
  6. Bring earplugs and eye patches. It’ll help you fall asleep wherever you can – especially on planes or during long train rides.
  7. Learn how to take a decent photo – not Instagram selfies. Memories will fade and you always want something to remember the stuff you do.
  8. Public transport is usually the easiest option to get around in most cities. Learn how to use it.
  9. Basic first aid. Not just for travel to be honest, this is just a basic life skill, much like learning how to calculate your own taxes you should know this.
  10. Document storage. Keep them organised, and keep the really important ones like your passport safe.

Top travel tips from an actual resort owner (1/3)

Hello there.

Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the top tips my wife and I have compiled over the years as a sort of assistance to helping you get around the world. If you think we’ve missed anything, please let us know in advance!

  1. Wash your clothes in the sink. Seriously. Don’t even try to find a laundromat in these foreign countries, it’s incredibly frustrating. Don’t even think about reusing the same underwear multiple days either, that’s pretty god damn disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  2. Learn how to use a needle. You’ve only got space for so much clothing in your luggage – so you really don’t want to be packing all that extra stuff with you. Having a tiny sewing kit in your bags takes up no space at all, and learning how to sew a broken button back on will save you so much time and money.
  3. Learn some useful phrases in the countries you are travelling to. Seriously – most travel advice columns will constantly remind you of this (how to say ‘thank you’, ‘hello’, ‘please’, ‘do you speak English’) but I’d like to add some extra phrases to the list, such as ‘leave me alone’ and ‘no thanks’. Think of those crowded market places in Turkey and Hong Kong. Knowing how to say no is going to give you more freedom, unless you like being bombarded with all sorts of weird items.
  4. Emergency money stashes. So important when travelling. You really don’t want to starve if you lose your wallet. An empty lip balm container discreetly placed in a small pocket in your bags might work.
  5. Learn how to drive a manual car. Lots of countries don’t have as many auto cars, so learning how to maneuver a stick vehicle is so useful.
  6. Bring extra plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes. Old and smelly socks will make all your clean clothes stink so please don’t mix them together. Hygiene 101 here.
  7. Learn how to swim. If you think I’m joking, I’m not. You never know if you’re going to need the skill.

I’ll be providing you with more tips over the next couple of days or so.